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The actual birthday of the Millersburg Ferry is not known.  When Daniel Miller founded Millersburg in 1807, he reserved the shad fishery and ferry rights to himself.

An unsigned agreement dated 1817 tells us that George Carson, from Upper Paxton Township and Michael Crow from (then) Cumberland County, were negotiating for the use of Crow's land as a ferry landing.  In 1820, Michael Crow was assessed for a farm, sawmill and ferry.

Then in 1826, a sheriff's sale transferred Daniel Miller's proprietary reserve and ferry right to David Kramer, who did establish a ferry at Millersburg.

From David Kramer, the ferry passed to his sons, George and Joseph.  In the 1870's Joseph Johnson purchased it and resold it to John Freck, who in turn sold it to Ramsey Moyer in the 1880's.  In 1890, Levi McConnell bought the ferry.  Levi and his brother Richard had been operating another ferry in competition so this purchase combined the two operations.

Richard McConnell's interest was sold to H. M. Hain in 1896 and then to Annie Miller and Pierce McConnell in 1898.  Annie sold her share to Pierce in 1900 who sold it to John Travitz in 1904.  In 1902 Levi McConnell sold his interest to George Seiler until 1906 when Warren Hunter purchased it.  John Travitz sold his interest to Thomas Radel I in 1907.

The ferry stayed in the families of Hunter and Radel until 1968 when it was sold to Bud and Robert Wallis and Jim Zeiders.  In 1972 Robert Wallis became the sole owner of the Millersburg Ferry.

In 1990, Community Banks, N.A. of Millersburg purchased the ferry from Robert Wallis and gave it to the Millersburg Area Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber then formed the Millersburg Ferry Boat Association, a board of nine members from various community organizations, who oversee the seasonal operation of the boats while preserving this historical value for future generations.